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Napkin Notes: Planned Parenthood Defunding and the Roots of US Partisan Proxy Fights

August 19, 2015

It seems that the entire (unhad) debate around Planned Parenthood boils down to what are the ethical and acceptable uses for fetal tissue, and human tissue in general, for scientific research. I am disappointed that instead of having a robust fact-based conversation–more akin to discussions that occurred under George W Bush about fetal stem cell research–we are watching politicians have a deeply partisan proxy fight superficially around it.  Now the (distracting) proxy fight is expanding–from federally funding Planned Parenthood or not–to the state level.

Instead of taking a hard, uncomfortable look at a real-issue (e.g. this, replenishing loans from the Highway or Social Security Trust Funds, etc)  what are the primary reasons to resort to rhetoric, deflecting, and grandstanding?  where are the governmental process abused? broken?  It seems headline-grabbing, out-of-context, emotional comments make great election cycle soundbites and are trumping the hard conversations our government needs to have on our behalf.